Han Kang can't represent S. Koreans.

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Han Kang can't represent S. Koreans.

한강이란 작가가 뉴욕 타임지에 실은 글을 보고 너무 경악한 끝에 직접 댓글을 달려 했더니 댓글 창을 이미 닫았더군요, 하여 할수 없이 editor에게 이메일로 다음과 같은 letter를 보냈습니다. 한강이란 작가에 절망합니다.

I was appalled to read Han Kang’s column and felt obligated to say that her view was the typical Korean leftist propaganda running 6 decades after Korean War. And she is also the typical Kwangju-Chulla sectarian aggrandizing Kwangju Uprising which Korean governments did every due process to disclose the truth and officially define it as Democratic Activity. It was a tragic incident of Korean modern history but can never be compared to Wars like WW II, Bosnia, Spanish Civil War and the massacres of Native Americans that she is claiming produce “subhuman.”  


If she is a true writer, she is supposed to show the gratitude to Americans for the sacrifice during Korean War before addressing what she wants to say to Donald Trump and American people. Over 30,000 American soldiers were dead and over 100,000 were wounded in Korean War. Due to such unimaginable casualty and sacrifice, Koreans can be up and running and enjoy the current wealth and peace. Even for now S. Koreans depend on their security to America in entirety. But she is directly mentioning No-Keun-Ri incident as a massacre, which happened during an active military maneuver. How dare she speaks ‘massacre’ out of her mouth in her first writing to major American newspaper like New York Times? I am so sick of her brashness. Additionally, she is dead wrong that Korean War was a proxy war which is the exact same assertion that communist N. Korean regime was deceiving North and South Koreans with. And she even describes America as “officially an Ally” which clearly disclose that America is not an ally in her mind.


She doesn’t realize that S. Korea is a hostage to the little Rocket Man, Kim Jung-Un. I think that’s why she delusionally argues that only dialogue can bring peace to Korean Peninsular.  This is utterly pathetic! The little fat Kim will never give up the nuclear weapon nor give up the ambition to unify Korean Peninsular as a Red Country. Most of S. Koreans know this simple fact except the handful of leftists like Han Kang and her Kwangju-Chulla sectarians.


Lastly she mentioned the candlelight revolution that eventually accused the president Park falsely by preposterous political stunts and dirty schemes with corrupt Korean Media. The truth is revealing now that the candlelight revolution is actually a mob justice. Han Kang should know that people in the world are not that stupid enough to be deceived by such cheap spins.

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고향이 저쪽이라고합니다
  북방계   2017-10-10 오전 11:48
지성의 작가이기를 포기하고, 아니 애당초 그런 작가가 아님을 스스로 드러내어 a typical Kwangju-Chulla sectarian에 불과함을 선언했군요.

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