On Madeleine Albright's Call to Stand Up to Fascism as an Evil

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Madeleine Albright sounds too right when she asks the world to "stand up to Evil" in her warning against Fascism in her recently published book entitled "You Have to Stand Up to Evil." But, I have a question to ask of her if she herself did exactly what she now asks the world to do in her book when, back in 2000 in Pyongyang, she encountered face-to-face Kim Jong Il, North Korea's notorious tyrant as one of the worst Fascist of his own kind practiced under the name of a Juche Communism, a North Korean version of Adolf Hitler's State Socialism, Benito Mussolini's Fascsism and Joseph V. Stalin's Marxist Communism.


For Albright to argue a case for "standing up to evil" sounds to me something by all means far-fetched as a case of "easier said than done." If she were to attempt to talk about some ideological malaises for the world to "stand up to," Madame Albright evidently has the need to, while she is still around, conduct a comparative study of a Juche Communism, a State Socialism, a Marxist Communism and a Fascism before singling out a Fascism for the entire world to "stand up to."

[ 2018-04-14, 23:25 ] 트위터트위터  페이스북페이스북   네이버네이버
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   상서리    2018-04-15 오후 9:44
달나라 가서 살으라니깐 자꾸 왝,ㅡ류????

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