Born in October 24, 1945 in Chungsong, North Gyeongsang Province.
Married to Mrs. Im Kwi-Ock, have two daughters.

2005-Currently: President of media & publishing company)
2001-2005: CEO & Managing Editor of the Monthly Chosun Magazine Co., LTD.
1998-2000: Editor in Chief of the Monthly Chosun Magazine and Deputy Director of the Publication Division, Chosun Ilbo(Daily).
1996-1997: Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.
1991-1996: Editor in Chief of the Monthly Chosun Magazine.
1983-1991: Reporter of the Monthly Chosun.
1971-1980: Reporter of the KookJe Daily News(in Pusan) .
1967-1971: Airman in ROKAF(air force).
1965-1967: Student at National Fisheries University of Busan(Food Engineering Dept.)
The Nuclear Winter in Korean Peninsular(2015)
The Face of Kim Dae Jung(2006)
The Life of Park Chung Hee(Biography, 13 volumes. 2005)
The Shocking Reality of North Korea(Edited, 1991)
The President Incapacitated(1987)
A Mistrial of Oh(1986)
The largest and the most influential news magazine in Korea with circulation of 200,000-300,000. According to power elite group's poll, it was ranked the 10th most influential media surpassing many national newspapers and newsmagazines. Its editorial line has been conservative. Its reputation is secured by a numerous investigative reporting and scoops. The Monthly Chosun Magazine has covered the North Korean affairs with such an accuracy and depth that it became one of the most widely quoted Korean media on that matter. The Monthly Chosun Magazine has become an independent company since 2001, separated from the mother company of the Chosun Daily(The Chosun Ilbo), the oldest and largest newspaper in Korea.
The Kwanhoon Club Award for Reporting about North Korea Human Rights Issue(1991)
The Korean Magazine Association Award for Reporting(1991)
The Korean Journalists Association Award for Reporting about Heavy Metal Pollution(1974)

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